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 Forum Rules

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Great Panda

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sat May 10, 2014 12:15 pm

Forum Rules

-No excessive Spam
Although we do like Spam please don't overdo it (ex. Randomly posting Apple in 5 threads)

-No double posting on a thread within 24 hours

-No Bullying/Harassment
We take this seriously. If you are caught doing it you will be immediately banned

-No Sexual References

-Please keep language appropriate
Don't say anything you wouldn't tell a 13 year old

-Please post images no larger than 740px by 740px

-No Rep Abuse
Repping someone for no reason (includes creating threads like "Rep the Person Above you"

-No personal insults
Don't say harsh insults (teasing is ok if both users are on the same page)
calling someone a noob is allowed

-Please keep one forum account
The other one will be banned if you are caught
Also if you are banned and create a different account to get back on both accounts will get a permanent ban

If you are caught breaking these rules then you will get warning the first time, after that an infraction. If you keep getting infractions you will be banned (temporary or permanent based on what you did)
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Forum Rules
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